Meet the 11 best Art podcasts in 2024

Welcome to the Pro Career Shop blog. Below, you can find a selection of the best Art podcasts. If you don’t know which one to choose, take a look at the recommendation I give you at the end of the post.

And, by the way, I take this opportunity to highlight that I just created a Telegram Group. In this, I will share news, featured episodes, recommendations, and much more. Now, let’s go with the best art podcasts:

1. Podcast Network Photographer Academy

First of all, Mario Rubio’s podcast stands out, he uses this space to share all his knowledge related to the art of photography. Here you can find techniques, news, and tips, and, ultimately, it will help you monetize your passion for photography.

Academy of Photographers Podcast. Best Art podcasts. Best art podcasts 2022

2. Let’s TalkArt by Roberta Villarreal

Another of the best art podcasts is the one produced by Roberta. In this, you can find a multitude of talks related to art.

What I like most about this podcast is that you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy the talks. And, in addition, very curious topics are covered, in a quite entertaining way.

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Let's TalkArt Podcast. Best Art podcasts. Best art podcasts 2022

3. BBVA We Learn Together – BBVA Podcast

From my point of view, this is one of the best podcasts you can find (not only about art but in any other category). In this BBVA education project, you will find experts on different topics giving a talk of approximately one hour about topics such as empathy, music, happiness, bullying, intelligence, or self-esteem, among the many topics covered in Let’s Learn Together (each program has a different theme).

BBVA Podcast We Learn Together. Best Culture and Society podcasts. Best podcasts 2022

4. Sound encounters – Tristana

Interview podcast in which you can find dialogues that invite you to rethink about the profession of producer and reflect on our medium and language.

Podcast sound encounters. Best art podcasts. Best podcasts 2022

5. Compact art – Juanra Sanz and Bernardo Pajares

This podcast, starring Juanra Sanz and Bernardo Pajares (areja at the microphone, in the Prado Museum, and in life), is another of the most listened to by art fans. Although it is not one of my favorites, the truth is that they deal with very interesting topics, and they do it in an enjoyable and entertaining way.

Compact art podcast. Best Art podcasts. Best art podcasts 2022

6. One a Week from Spotify Studios

Coming to the middle of this list of the best art podcasts, I want to highlight the one produced by Spotify Studios. They themselves define it as “a music podcast, without music, in which they talk about things that are a little strange, but curious.” If you are not sure which podcast to listen to, this is one of my favorites, especially because of the theme of its episodes which, as I just highlighted, are strange but curious!

Podcast One a week. Best Art podcasts. Best art podcasts 2022

7. Art history with Kenza

This is the perfect podcast for art students (or lovers) who want to know stories related to it. If you are looking for an exclusive art program, a little more specialized than the previous options, this is your podcast. The only downside to this one, to name a few, is that each episode lasts approximately 15 minutes, so you may be left wanting to listen to this podcast for a while longer.

Art History Podcast with Kenza. Best Art podcasts. Best art podcasts 2022

8. Hotel Jorge Juan – Vanity Fair Spain

Another art podcast that is worth highlighting is the one starring Jorge Juan and Javier Aznar. In this, they discuss topics such as “the best and the worst of the year of cinema and TV”, “video games and humor in culture”, “the craft of writing” or “cinema, fashion, and the second life of clothes”. Its more than 700 ratings give this podcast an almost perfect rating.

Podcast Hotel Jorge Juan. Best art podcasts. Best podcasts 2022

9. Feed yourself – Nacion Podcast

Almost to finish, I highlight the “Alimentarte” podcast. Although it does not address specific art topics, I have decided to include it in this list because it is usually very liked by listeners of the previous podcasts mentioned. The episodes of this program deal with nutrition, health, cooking, food sustainability, gastronomy, food, and everything related to what we eat.

Podcast feed you. Best art podcasts. Best podcasts 2022

10. Almighty – Almighty podcast

In this art podcast, starring Arturo González-Campos, Rodrigo Cortés, Javier Cansado, and Juan Gómez-Jurado, topics related to cinema, books, series, and comics are mainly discussed.

Almighty Podcast. Best film and television podcasts. Best podcasts 2022

11. Pirate Radio RP

And, finally, the Pirate Radio podcast stands out, aimed at One Piece lovers.

Pirate Radio Podcast. Best Art podcasts. Best art podcasts 2022

My recommendation 👇

If I had to choose one of these “best art podcasts”,  I would probably choose the BBVA Learn Together podcast.  However, for art history lovers, I recommend the podcast HablemosArte, by Roberta Villarreal.

And finally, I take this opportunity to highlight that I have just created a NEW Telegram Group. You can join by clicking the following link:

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