Top 49 Best British Podcasts on Spotify

Best British Podcasts on Spotify: Imagine having amazing stories and cool knowledge piped right into your ears! Podcasts are like that. They’re like radio shows, but you can listen to them whenever you want, on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Britain, a country known for its castles and accents, makes some super awesome podcasts too!

This article covers the top 46 podcasts from the UK. This podcast is related to motivational, comedy, crime, and finance.

Now, without wasting your time Let’s dive!

Top Motivational Podcasts on Spotify UK

#01: The Tim Ferriss Show

This podcast is hosted by Tim Ferriss, an author and entrepreneur. He talks to world-class performers from many different fields like business, sports, and entertainment. These conversations offer insights and lessons that can help motivate you to achieve your goals and improve your life.

#02: The Gary Vee Audio Experience

Gary Vaynerchuk, a successful entrepreneur and social media expert, hosts this podcast. He shares his thoughts and ideas on various topics like marketing, entrepreneurship, and personal development. His high-energy and straightforward style can be very motivating for those looking to start or grow their business.

#03: The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan, a stand-up comedian and TV host, interviews people from all walks of life on his podcast. The guests range from celebrities to scientists, and their stories and experiences can be truly inspiring and motivational.

#04: The School of Greatness

Lewis Howes, a former professional athlete, hosts this podcast where he interviews successful people from various fields. The guests share their stories and insights on how to achieve greatness in life, which can be very motivating for listeners.

#05: The Brendon Show

Brendon Burchard, a high-performance coach and motivational speaker, hosts this podcast. He discusses personal development, productivity, and mindset strategies that can help you become motivated and achieve your goals.

#06: The Ed Mylett Show

Ed Mylett, an entrepreneur and motivational speaker, shares his insights and experiences on personal development, leadership, and success in this podcast. His energetic and engaging style can be a great source of motivation for listeners.

#07: The Tony Robbins Podcast

Tony Robbins is a world-renowned life coach and motivational speaker. In his podcast, he shares strategies and advice on topics like personal growth, relationships, and financial success, which can be highly motivating for listeners.

#08:The Lewis Howes School of Greatness

In this podcast, Lewis Howes interviews successful people from various fields, including entrepreneurs, athletes, and celebrities. Their stories and insights can be a great source of motivation for listeners who want to achieve greatness in their own lives.

#09: The Chalene Show

Chalene Johnson, a fitness expert and motivational speaker, hosts this podcast. She discusses topics related to personal development, mindset, and healthy lifestyle habits, which can be very motivating for those looking to improve themselves.

#10:The Rachel Hollis Podcast

Rachel Hollis is a motivational speaker and author who shares her thoughts and advice on personal growth, goal setting, and overcoming obstacles in this podcast. Her relatable and down-to-earth style can be a great source of motivation for listeners.

#11: The Unbeatable Mind Podcast

Hosted by Mark Divine, a former Navy SEAL and leadership expert, this podcast explores topics related to mental toughness, mindset, and personal development. It can be a great motivational resource for those looking to develop a strong mindset and achieve their goals.

#12: The James Altucher Show

James Altucher, an entrepreneur and author, interviews successful people from various fields in this podcast. Their stories and insights on topics like entrepreneurship, personal growth, and mindset can be highly motivating for listeners.

#13: The Marie Forleo Podcast

Marie Forleo is a life coach and motivational speaker who hosts this podcast. She offers advice and strategies on topics like productivity, goal setting, and overcoming self-doubt, which can be very motivating for listeners looking to improve their lives.

#14: The Mindset Mentor

Rob Dial, a life coach and motivational speaker, hosts this podcast. He shares his insights and strategies on developing a positive mindset, overcoming obstacles, and achieving success, which can be highly motivating for listeners.

#15: The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

In this podcast, Lewis Howes interviews successful people from various fields, including entrepreneurs, athletes, and celebrities. Their stories and insights can be a great source of motivation for listeners who want to achieve greatness in their own lives.

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Best comedy podcasts on Spotify UK

#16: My Dad Wrote a Porno

This podcast features Jamie Morton reading a porno novel written by his dad, with his friends James Cooper and Alice Levine providing hilarious commentary. It’s a side-splitting experience listening to the awkward and often unintentionally funny writing.

#17: Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster

In this podcast, comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster invite special guests to dream up their ideal food menu, leading to funny and insightful conversations about food and life.

#18:The Adam Buxton Podcast

Adam Buxton, a comedian and actor, hosts this podcast where he interviews interesting people and discusses various topics with his signature humor and wit.

#19: Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast

Comedian Richard Herring records live comedy performances at the Leicester Square Theatre and shares them on this podcast, giving listeners access to some of the best stand-up comedies out there.

#20: The Comedian’s Comedian Podcast

Hosted by Stuart Goldsmith, this podcast features in-depth interviews with comedians, offering a behind-the-scenes look at their craft and the comedy industry.

#21: The Beef and Dairy Network Podcast

This podcast is a brilliantly silly and surreal comedy show hosted by the fictional Beef and Dairy Network, featuring a rotating cast of comedians and characters.

#22: The Bugle

Comedians Andy Zaltzman and various guests provide satirical commentary on the news and current events in this long-running and hilarious podcast.

#23: The Horne Section Podcast

Hosted by comedian Alex Horne, this podcast features a mix of stand-up comedy, sketches, and games with various guests.

#24: David Tennant Does a Podcast With…

Actor David Tennant invites his friends and colleagues from the world of entertainment for engaging and humorous conversations in this podcast.

#25: The Guilty Feminist

Hosted by Deborah Frances-White and featuring different guests in each episode, this podcast discusses various topics related to feminism and modern life with a healthy dose of humor.

Best financial podcasts on Spotify UK

#26: Money Maze Podcast

This podcast, hosted by personal finance expert Gemma Bird, provides practical tips and advice on managing your money, budgeting, investing, and achieving financial freedom. It’s great for anyone looking to improve their financial literacy and make better money decisions.

#27: Meaningful Money

Pete Matthew, a chartered financial planner, hosts this podcast that covers a wide range of money topics, from investing and retirement planning to property and insurance. It’s an informative listen for those seeking to build wealth and plan for the future.

#28: Money to the Masses

Hosted by Damien Fahy, this podcast aims to make finance and investing accessible to everyone. It covers topics like stocks, property, pensions, and more, with a focus on achieving financial independence.

#29: The Investor’s Podcast

This podcast is dedicated to helping investors make better decisions and become more educated about the stock market, asset allocation, and various investment strategies. It features interviews with industry experts and successful investors.

#30: The Money Clinic

Hosted by financial experts Claer Barrett and Claudio Ranieri, this podcast offers practical advice on a wide range of money-related topics, including mortgages, pensions, investments, and more.

#31: The Property Podcast

If you’re interested in property investing, this podcast is a must-listen. Hosts Rob Bence and Rob Dix share their expertise and tips on everything from buy-to-let strategies to property development.

#32: Money Bites

This podcast from The Times covers personal finance topics in bite-sized episodes. It’s perfect for those who want to learn about managing money, investing, and financial planning in a concise and easily digestible format.

#33: The Money Advice Service Podcast

Hosted by the Money Advice Service, this podcast provides impartial guidance and tips on a wide range of financial topics, including budgeting, saving, borrowing, and retirement planning.

#34: The Financial Times Money Show

This podcast from the Financial Times covers the latest news and trends in personal finance, investing, and the economy. It features expert analysis and insights from FT journalists and industry professionals.

#35: The Prospect Money Talks Podcast

Hosted by Prospect Magazine, this podcast features discussions and interviews with leading economists, policymakers, and financial experts on a wide range of money-related topics, from personal finance to global economic issues.

Best crime podcasts on Spotify UK

#36: Crime Junkie

Hosted by Ashley Flowers, this podcast delves into various true crime cases, exploring the details and investigative processes behind them. It’s one of the most popular crime podcasts out there.

#37: Serial

This groundbreaking podcast from the creators of This American Life investigates a different true crime case in each season, with in-depth reporting and analysis.

#38: My Favorite Murder

Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark take a humorous and conversational approach to discussing their favorite true crime stories in this wildly popular podcast.

#39: They Walk Among Us

In this chilling podcast, host Benjamin Fitton shares stories of encounters with people who have committed horrific crimes, shedding light on the psychology of criminal behavior.

#40: RedHanded

Hosted by Suruthi Bala and Hannah Maguire, this podcast explores various true crime cases, delving into the gritty details and the psychology behind the crimes.

#41: Casefile

This anonymous host presents meticulously researched and well-narrated true crime stories in a chilling, captivating manner.

#42: Real Crime Profile

Hosted by former FBI profiler Jim Clemente and filmmaker Laura Richards, this podcast explores the psychology behind criminal behavior and provides insights into criminal profiling.

#43: True Crime Obsessed

Comedians Gillian Pensavalle and Patrick Hinds take a lighthearted yet respectful approach to discussing true crime cases, balancing humor and analysis.

#44: The Teacher’s Pet

This investigative journalism podcast from The Australian newspaper delves into the unsolved disappearance of Lynette Dawson in 1982, uncovering new details and suspects.

#45: Morbid: A True Crime Podcast

Hosts Alaina and Ash discuss various true crime cases, often focusing on lesser-known or overlooked cases, with a mix of humor and sensitivity.

#46: Criminal

Hosted by Phoebe Judge, this podcast explores stories of people who’ve committed crimes or been accused of them. It covers a wide range of cases, from the quirky to the serious, with a focus on storytelling.

#47: Someone Knows Something

In each season, host David Ridgen investigates a different cold case, seeking to uncover new information and potential leads by speaking with those closest to the case.

#48: Root of Evil

This podcast, hosted by sisters Jaclyn and Christine, takes a deep dive into the family histories and childhood experiences that may have contributed to infamous serial killers’ paths.

#49: Traces

This BBC podcast investigates various cold cases and missing person cases, exploring the lingering traces and clues left behind in an effort to uncover the truth.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Question)

How popular are podcasts in the UK?

Podcasts have become increasingly popular in the UK over the past few years. According to a survey by Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, around 16 million adults in the UK listened to podcasts in 2024, which is about 30% of the population. This represents a significant increase from previous years, indicating that podcasts are gaining mainstream popularity in the country.

What is the #1 podcast in the UK?

The most popular podcast in the UK varies depending on the source and the time frame being considered. However, some of the consistently top-ranked podcasts in the UK include “The Diary Of A CEO” hosted by Steven Bartlett, “Sh**ged Married Annoyed” by Chris and Rosie Ramsey, and “My Dad Wrote A Porno” hosted by Jamie Morton, James Cooper, and Alice Levine.

Are podcasts free in the UK?

Most podcasts are free to listen to in the UK, just like in many other countries. Podcasters typically offer their shows for free, relying on advertising, sponsorships, or listener support (such as Patreon or other crowdfunding platforms) to generate revenue. However, some podcasts may offer premium or ad-free versions that require a subscription fee. Overall, the vast majority of podcasts available on platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts can be accessed for free by listeners in the UK.

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