Meet the 10 best Gastronomy podcasts on Spotify 2024

You are reading the procareershop blog. In this list, I want to present you with a selection of the best Gastronomy podcasts on Spotify.

If you don’t know which one to choose, take a look at the recommendation I give you at the end of the post.

1. Eat Well by DIXO

The first of the podcasts that I recommend you listen to is the one starring Fernanda Alvarado. In short, the objective of this program is for you to be able to improve your diet and lifestyle.

Well Eat Podcast. Best Gastronomy podcasts. Best podcasts 2024

2. Realfooding by Carlos Ríos and Carlota Fernández

Secondly, I recommend listening to my favorite gastronomy podcast: Realfooding. Here you can also learn to improve your diet, health, and lifestyle, with episodes on sugar, dairy products, fruit, nutrition myths, and episodes related to the Realfooding philosophy itself, which is nothing more than adopting a lifestyle based on real food, avoiding ultra-processed foods.

realfooding podcast. Best Health and Fitness podcasts. Best podcasts of 2024

3. The Gastronomy Podcast by G de Gastronomía

The podcast of gastronomic consultant Carmen Ordiz is one of the most listened to in Latin America. Weekly he reviews gastronomic news, touching on topics such as products, recipes, trends, restaurants, curiosities, tips, and much more!

The gastronomy podcast. Best Gastronomy podcasts. Best podcasts 2024

4. Wine for Beginners by Juan Sotres

Do you want to listen to a gastronomy podcast focused on winemaking? Well, I present to you Juan Sotres’ podcast. This program is a course (guide) that aims to teach you how to taste, smell, and see wine in a more “professional” way.

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Podcast wine for beginners. Best Gastronomy podcasts. Best podcasts 2024

5. Team City Addicts Time Out Mexico

I would define it as the Mexican gastronomy podcast par excellence. Here you can find interviews with the authors and protagonists of the Time Out México team.

Podcast addicts to the city. Best Gastronomy podcasts. Best podcasts 2024

6. Wine for Chameleons by Ferran Pacheco

Another podcast focused on wine culture but, this time, starring Ferran Pachecho. Unlike the previous one, this one is a little more “fun and punk.”

Podcast came for chameleons. Best Gastronomy podcasts. Best podcasts 2024

7. Ear Kitchen of Radio and Television of the Principality of Asturias (RTPA)

This podcast is based on history, music, humor, literature, and everything that has contributed to developing current gastronomy. Unlike the previous ones, it focuses especially on the gastronomy of the Principality of Asturias, with more presence of characters belonging to said region.

Cooking Ear Podcast. Best Gastronomy podcasts. Best podcasts 2024

8. Play Gastro by Cadena SER

Another quite popular gastronomy podcast is the one produced by Cadena SER. Although I don’t think it’s as good as the previous ones, you might like it, so I’ve decided to include it in this list.

Play Gastro Podcast. Best Gastronomy podcasts. Best podcasts 2024

9. The Latest Food by Natalia de la Rosa

Almost to finish, Natalia de la Rosa’s program. In this podcast, you can find answers to questions like ” Why do we eat what we eat?” And, like the “Addicts to the City” podcast, it is especially known in Mexico.

Podcast the latest food. Best Gastronomy podcasts. Best podcasts 2024

10. Gastrotherapy Podcast Hospitality

And, finally, a gastronomy podcast was published in December 2020. Here you can find weekly interviews with professionals in the sector who, ultimately, will share their experiences and knowledge of the sector with you.

Gastrotherapy podcast. Best Gastronomy podcasts. Best podcasts 2022

My recommendation: what is the best gastronomy podcast? 👇

And, as it could not be otherwise, I leave you my recommendation, although I have already advanced it. I prefer Realfooding, by Carlos Ríos and Carlota Fernández . That said, I also want to recommend the podcasts of Carmen Ortiz (G for Gastronomy) and Fernanda Alvarado (Bien Comer).

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