Best SEO Podcast On Spotify For Beginners To Advance Level

Welcome to the Procareershop blog. Below, you can find a selection of the Best SEO Podcasts On Spotify. If you don’t know which one to choose, take a look at the recommendation I give you at the end of the post.

1. BIGSEO, from the BIGSEO Digital Marketing Agency

Normally I like to leave the best for last, but this time I decided to do the opposite. In this podcast, starring some of the best SEO and Digital Marketing professionals, you will find super interesting talks related to the latest trends in the sector: good (and bad) SEO practices, how to generate quality content, how (not to) buy links, and as it could not be otherwise, quite interesting talks related to Chat GPT.

BIGSEO Podcast. Best SEO and digital marketing podcasts.

2. Local SEO, the Sabandijers FM podcast

We start with a podcast focused on Google My Business positioning. I think it is not necessary to remember the importance of this tool in local positioning. Come on, the local SEO podcast is aimed at optimizing your websites and listings with this tool.

Local SEO Podcast. Best SEO Podcasts. Best podcasts 2024

3. SEO from Scratch by Alex Serrano

As its name indicates, this podcast is perfect for those of you who are starting to train in digital marketing. With the help of Alex Serrano, you will be able to learn the basic aspects of web positioning.

SEO Podcast from Scratch by Alex Serrano. Best Marketing podcasts. Best podcasts 2024

4. Ying Yang Local SEO

We are talking about another of the SEO podcasts of the moment, dedicated mainly to the dissemination of rank and rent content, and experiments with directories and shadow tools.

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Ying Yang SEO Podcast. Best SEO Podcasts. Best podcasts 2024

5. The SEO Machine by Andrés Kloster

Another of the best podcasts to learn how to attract more traffic to your website is the one starring Andrés Kloster. Personally, I would highlight the interviews and debates in the program, although you will see that it has many other things to offer.

The SEO Machine Podcast. Best SEO Podcasts. Best podcasts 2024

6. Master your local SEO by Andreu Moreno

Another local SEO podcast but, in this case, based on the experiences and learnings of Andreu Moreno.

Podcast Master your local SEO. Best SEO Podcasts. Best podcasts 2024

7. SEO for Google by Borja Girón

This podcast is not exclusively focused on SEO, but on Marketing in general. In any case, Borja will help you improve the positioning of your website. I don’t guarantee that you will get the first position on Google but, of course, by applying their advice, you will learn a lot about the Google algorithm, as well as other digital marketing topics.

SEO Podcast for Google. Best Marketing podcasts. Best podcasts 2024

8. SEO Warriors by Dean Romero

Are you still not convinced by the previous recommendations? In that case, try Dean Romero’s podcast, which specializes in SEO for teachers, consultants, and editors.

SEO Warriors Podcast. Best SEO Podcasts. Best podcasts 2024

9. Lucía and SEO Talks, the interview podcast

This podcast is perfect for those who prefer an interview format. I think Lucía creates great content and, of course, her guests are very interesting, to say the least (and experts in marketing and SEO).

Podcast Lucia and SEO Talks. Best SEO Podcasts. Best podcasts 2024

10. SEO and SEM with Luis Revuelto

Do you want to learn about SEO, but without neglecting SEM? Well, this podcast is just what you were looking for.

SEO and SEM podcast. Best SEO Podcasts. Best podcasts 2024

11. holase by Guillermo Gascón

This podcast, at least from my point of view, stands out because Guillermo gives very interesting advice related to web positioning. As I have already mentioned in another post, this podcast is not one of the best-known. That said, I guarantee you can learn a ton about SEO and Digital Marketing.

Hello podcast. Best Marketing podcasts. Best podcasts 2024

12. The Joy of SEO by Eric Mercier

Almost to finish, I suggest you listen to the podcast of Eric Mercier, an SEO specialist who invites you to discover the wonderful world of SEO.

Podcast the pleasure of seo. Best SEO Podcasts. Best podcasts 2024

13. SEO Pills by Antonio López

And, I finish this list with the podcast starring Antonio López, who you probably know if you have ever visited the SEO blog. What I like most about this podcast is that it covers each and every one of the topics that you are surely looking for OnPage SEO, Offpage SEO, Cannibalizations, Technical SEO, Link building, and much more.

Podcast the seo blog. Best SEO Podcasts. Best podcasts 2024

My recommendation: What are the Best SEO Podcasts on Spotify?  👇

And, as it could not be otherwise, I leave you my recommendation. Without a doubt, I’ll stick with the BIGSEO podcast, although I’m also a super fan of the one starring Borja Girón (SEO for Google). Now, if you are looking for a local SEO podcast, I recommend Sabandijers (the first one on the list). And, for beginners, that of Alex Serrano (the second on the list).

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