Meet the 12 best Technology podcasts in 2024

Welcome to the Mundo Podcast blog. Below, you can find a selection of the best Technology podcasts. If you don’t know which one to choose, take a look at the recommendation I give you at the end of the post. And, by the way, I take this opportunity to highlight that I have just created a channel on Telegram (where I will share featured episodes and podcasts, news, and recommendations). Now, let’s go with the best technology podcasts:

1. Coffee with Victor – Victor Abarca

The first on the list is Victor Abarca’s technology podcast, not because it is my favorite, but because it is one of the most listened to (and best rated). He uses this program as a complement to his YouTube channel and addresses topics such as the responsibility that influencers have (or should have), the meaning of working as a developer, digital minimalism, or the technology of the previous decade, for example. In addition, it answers a question that many of us ask ourselves: can you make a living from podcasting? Of course, the program is not exactly new, since it was published on February 9, 2020.

Podcast Coffee with Victor Abarca. Best Technology podcasts. Best podcasts of 2022

2. TED in Spanish – TED Talks

Another really interesting tech podcast is the TED Talk-sponsored podcast, which answers questions like: What is the relationship between love and math? How does an immigrant construct his or her identity? Will artificial intelligence replace us in our jobs? Can entrepreneurs improve education and health for all? In short, here you can hear provocative ideas and develop new ways of thinking.

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TED Podcast in Spanish. Best Culture and Society podcasts. Best podcasts 2022

3. The Bitten Apple – Fernando del Moral

If you are a lover of Apple and its technology, congratulations, you have just arrived at what will be your favorite technology program. 5 times a week, Fernando del Moral comments on the most important news regarding the Cupertino company and its products.

The bitten apple podcast. Best Technology podcasts. Best podcasts of 2022

4. Applesfera Talks – Applesfera

The Apple universe in all its context. A weekly podcast where the big topic of the week and its implications are analyzed, told by the brand’s experts who have been writing about it since 2006.

Applesfera talks podcast. Best Technology podcasts. Best podcasts of 2022

5. One More Thing – Podstar. FM

One More Thing is a weekly program that deals with topics related to the world of technology but focuses on Apple (like the previous two). Weekly news, analysis, curiosities, and recommendations from Pedro Aznar and CJ Navas.

Podcast one more thing. Best Technology podcasts. Best podcasts of 2022

6. Clear the X (by Xataka) – Xataka

Another of the most recommended technology programs is the one offered by Xataka, which uses this space to focus on the most important topic of Xataka’s editorial territories.

Podcast clears the X. Best Technology podcasts. Best podcasts of 2022

7. Podcast with Veronika | Tech & Coffee – Verónica Sierra

This podcast, in addition to discussing technological topics, does the same with issues related to personal development, music, and TV series. In addition, it has exclusive interviews, so if you like technology and good vibes, this is your podcast.

Podcast with Verownika. Best Technology podcasts. Best podcasts of 2022

8. Facing Apples – treki23 vs MacinDani

Another of the best-known programs is Manzanas Enfrentadas which, in this case, talks about Apple, not only about its positive side but also about those negative issues that surround this technological company.

Apples Facing Podcast. Best Technology podcasts. Best podcasts of 2022

9. Topes de Gama Unplugged – Topes De Gama

Leaving aside the current affairs of Apple, this podcast focuses on its competition: Android, reviewing the current affairs of this company.

Top of the range podcast. Best Technology podcasts. Best podcasts of 2022

10. Apple Coding – Julio César Fernández Muñoz / Cuonda

Apple Coding is a podcast that talks about everything that surrounds the development of Apple systems. Julio César Fernández, the development evangelist, brings you an analysis every week, with news, talks, etc. with the aim that you know how technology works inside.

Apple Coding Podcast. Best technology podcasts. Best podcasts 2022

11. Cupertino – Álex Barredo / Matías Zavia

Almost to finish with this list of the best technology podcasts, as it could not be otherwise, we include in this list of the best technology podcasts the one starring Álex Barredo and Matías Zavia, which help you learn about and discover the products and services of Apple from an independent perspective, and far from fandom.  

Cupertino Podcast. Best Technology podcasts. Best podcasts of 2022

12. Tech Santos Podcast – Adrian Santos

Last but not least, we present the Adrian Santos podcast, which every week brings us the latest news surrounding the world of technology with conversations, interviews, and lots of news (from Tesla to Apple).

Tech Santos Podcast. Best Technology podcasts. Best podcasts of 2022

My recommendation 👇

At the end of each list of the best podcasts by category, I always recommend a program. And, this time, it will not be the exception, although I confess that choosing the best technology podcast has been a complicated task. The winner is… “Café con Victor” , which, as it could not be otherwise, occupies the number 1 position. 

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