Material needed to create a podcast in 2024

Creating a podcast is not complicated at all from a technical point of view.  And, the same would happen if you wanted to create a YouTube channel or stream (like Twitch), with the difference that, in these cases, you would also need to buy a camera to record your program.

Now, returning to the topic of podcasts, as I said, it is very easy to do it, especially when you already have the idea and content you want to create prepared. In short, to create a podcast, you need: 

  • A microphone, mixing console, and portable recorder.
  • A website (Hosting and domain).
  • A podcast-specific hosting with unlimited feed and no hosting limitations.

On this page, I focus on explaining how to create a podcast from a technical point of view. But you will also have to take a look at the ” Guide to creating a podcast from scratch “ that I have prepared. In this guide, I focus on the creative aspects (theme, content, ideas,…).    

Material needed to create a professional podcast:

1. Microphone, mixing console and portable recorder

This is an investment that you have to make “yes or yes” to be able to record a podcast. However, in the Mundo Podcast store, you can find a wide variety of microphones, mixing consoles, and recorders (both quality and cheaper ones).  

2. Recording Software to create a podcast

Once you have purchased the basics to create a podcast (microphone, mixing console, and recorder), you will have to “worry” about choosing recording software. But don’t worry, I’ll explain how to do it myself: 

There are many alternatives, but I definitely recommend using your smartphone to record along with a recording app for Android or iOS. Now, what applications can I use to record a podcast? The best applications for recording are:    

  • Audacity: If you have never recorded a podcast, this is your best alternative: an open-source, cross-platform, free, and very easy-to-use application.
  • Ocenaudio: Another free and easy-to-use cross-platform application. However, this is not open source.
  • Reaper: Cross-platform application, a little more complicated to use. It is paid, but you can use the free trial version indefinitely.
  • Ardor: This is another of the most notable open-source applications. Also multiplatform, it is aimed at people who want to go a little deeper into recording from a technical point of view.
  • Hindenburg: This is one of the best applications you can find. However, it is very expensive and is only available for Windows and macOS.
  • Adobe Audition: The latter is also very attractive for those who want to delve into technical recording issues. The results will be much better, but logically it is necessary to pay the subscription.

Of course, remember to record your program in a quiet space! It is important that there is no background noise. Especially if you buy a cheap microphone, since the cheapest ones usually do not have the ability to eliminate environmental noises (wind, background voices,…).  

* Cross-platform: you can publish your podcast on Apple Podcast, iVoox, Spotify, Sound Cloud and many other platforms.

* Open Source: Code designed in a way that is accessible to the public: everyone can see, modify and distribute the code in any way they see fit.

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3. Web Hosting, Domain and Storage

Hosting is a space on a server that allows you to store all the files and data necessary for your podcast to work correctly. And the domain, for its part, is essentially the address of your website.

It is advisable to invest in hosting and domain. However, you can get both products for free.

  • Hosting: you can buy hosting (paying), or use a free one (sharing Internet space). My recommendation is that if you have a low budget, invest it in buying a microphone, a mixing console, and a portable recorder to create your podcast since there are free services to host your content. And, although these have their limitations, they are free and can help you get started. We are referring to iVoox, Spreaker, SoundCloud, Podomatic, Wooshkaa, or Anchor.

To create your podcast, you can create an account on and link your program through one of the hosting servers we just mentioned.

Conclusions: Technical requirements to create a podcast

In short, if you are determined to create your podcast, you will need (yes or yes) to invest to buy: 

  • Microphone
  • Mixing table
  • portable recorder

You can get the rest of the products to create podcasts for free (although logically the quality will not be as high). In any case, the investment is not that high if we compare it with the expense you would have to make to create a program on other platforms such as YouTube. Of course, you will have to learn how to add effects and remember to visit our post ”¬†Guide to creating a podcast from scratch¬†” if you need inspiration to create the content.

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