9 Ways To Monetize a Podcast on Spotify in 2024

In this article, I want to explain the 9 best ways to monetize a podcast on Spotify a podcast.

Let’s dive into this article and know exactly how do you make money out of a podcast. To do this, we are going to explain to you the 9 ways that podcasters use to achieve this:

1. Monetize your podcast with sponsorships

The first (and possibly best) way to make money from your podcast is through sponsorships. Of course, not everyone can get investors for their podcast. Of course, everything will depend on the number of views your episodes have or engagement (loyalty of your listeners), among other metrics.    

Now, how can you get a sponsor? You can either be the one to contact companies or do it through intermediaries. The first alternative will probably take you longer, but you can negotiate the terms of the contract yourself. And, the second will probably be easier for you, but the amount you will receive will probably be lower (as there is a company that acts as an intermediary).  

Regarding the advantages of monetizing your podcast through sponsorships, in addition to the income that this can generate, it stands out that you are the one who decides whether or not to accept each sponsor. Come on, if for whatever reason, you don’t want to promote a certain brand, you don’t have to. Furthermore, the latter is considerably important, since listeners associate the reputation of a podcast with that of the brands it sponsors. 

Finally, we point out that this route can provide you with income of around €200, €400, and even more. Everything will depend on the number of listeners you have, the duration of your podcast and its frequency (publishing one post a month is not the same as 10), engagement, and the rest of the factors that each sponsor values. 

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2. Affiliate Marketing

The second alternative is to sign up for an affiliate program, such as Amazon’s. By signing up, you can generate special links like this one, and earn a commission for sales or registration. Come on, if your listeners (or anyone else) access a link like the one I just showed you, and buy a product on Amazon (anyone) in less than 24 hours, you get a commission.    

This is a fairly quick route that you can use to generate your first income. Of course,  I recommend that you read Amazon’s policies carefully to fully understand how their affiliate program works. And, of course, don’t expect to generate thousands and thousands of euros per month through affiliate marketing (unless you’re a genius, of course).  

3. Publish premium content

The third alternative that I propose is to publish premium content. But what does that mean? Basically, it consists of allowing your listeners to make financial contributions. In 20218 iVoox launched its fan subscription program, which is not the only one. To give some examples, podcasts such as Endor Orbit, DEX, or Beyond Reality use this system to generate income.   

As disadvantages of this source of income, we highlight that it is not applicable to all podcasts. Come on, if your program doesn’t have thousands of listeners, it’s probably not worth it. Now, for how many listeners would this be an interesting alternative? At Mundo Podcast, we believe that it is suitable only for those podcasts that have a minimum of 10,000 listeners (not views) per episode.  

4. Publish a paid podcast

Very similar to the previous alternative, we highlight the possibility of creating a paid podcast. Now, this is only recommended for those who already have a considerable number of followers, for example, on social networks. Keep in mind that not everyone will be willing to pay to listen to a podcast. Additionally, it is important that you make it very clear to your followers that this is a paid podcast, lest they end up getting a surprise. 

5. Generate income through subscriptions

Another way for iVoox podcasters (and other platforms) to generate income through their podcast is through subscriptions. It is a system that includes several podcasts with paid episodes so that when a listener subscribes to it, they can access all of them. 

6. Ads inserted in your podcast

Speaker, one of the most successful platforms for podcasters, has a program called “Ad Revenue-Sharing”, which makes it easier for podcast creators to insert a type of automated ads in audio format, which appear before, during, or after each episode (similar to YouTube ads). 

If you use Spreaker, and you are a premium subscriber, you can activate the grafted ads option from your control panel. However, this source of income is not very high either, so you are probably more interested in monetizing your podcast with sponsorships (as we noted at the beginning of this page).  

7. Use your podcast to sell your products and services

As we have already explained, you can sell the products that others make and earn a commission for it (affiliate programs). However, what really makes money is selling your own products and services. 

Now, what can you sell, and what, are the two main questionsAs an expert in digital marketing and entrepreneurship, I can tell you that you will need something more than an online store (from a legal point of view there are also several aspects that you should not neglect). In any case, if you need help with this issue, you can contact me.    

8. Create Crowdfunding campaigns

Another alternative that you can use to monetize your podcast is Crowdfunding. To define it, it is a collective financing network (which generally works online) used to finance entrepreneurial projects, based on financial or other donations made altruistically.   

9. Publish your podcasts on YouTube

And last but not least (quite the opposite): publish the episodes on YouTube.

At this point, I think everyone knows that if you do it right, you can make a living from YouTube. However, it is important to highlight two issues: firstly, although the most powerful influencers can generate thousands and thousands of euros per month, this is by no means the norm. And, on the other hand, remember that to publish your podcasts on YouTube, you must also record your episodes with a camera. If you don’t do it, don’t expect any user to invest megabytes in viewing your content on YouTube, when they can do it on an audio platform.    

In short, there are countless ways to make money through a successful podcast. Now, what alternative should you use? At Mundo Podcast we are clear: the best alternatives are the first (sponsorships) and the last (creating content in video format for YouTube). However, everything will depend on the theme of your podcast or the number of listeners you have, among many other factors that you must also consider when making this decision.  

How much money can I make with a podcast?

Well, of course, it depends.  About what? The number of listeners you have, the number of podcasts you publish per month, the duration of your episodes, the theme of your program, engagement, the followers of your podcast on social networks, and a thousand other questions that we should know to anticipate the future. money you can generate with your podcast.

Now, starting from this basis, we already told you that there are podcasts whose profits exceed €5,000, €20,000, and even €100,000. On the contrary, there are also podcasts that do not generate income  (or even have losses) and others whose profits barely exceed €100 or €200.

So, if you have a successful podcast that has thousands of listeners, now is the time to get to work on making money with a podcast. And, if you are still in the development process, and need help producing your program, we recommend having a podcasting agency.

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