Spotify “This content is not available Spotify”

Recently I have seen the “this content is not available Spotify” error on my Spotify account and I am so worried about how I can fix this issue I am researching a lot of data on the internet and finally, I can fix this issue.

In this article, I will share with you this is the common reason you need to fix it, and might be possible for your problem resolved.

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Quick Answer

Update your Spotify app to the latest version to fix the ‘This content is not available‘ issue. Go to your device’s app store, search for Spotify, and update the app. If the issue persists, turn off the ‘Show Unplayable Songs‘ option in the app’s settings. This will prevent Spotify from displaying songs that are unavailable in your region or have expired licenses. A fresh app update or disabling unplayable songs should resolve the problem.

How To Fix Spotify “This Content Is Not Available”

Spotify users may occasionally encounter an error message indicating “this Content Is Not Available”. This could stem from two possible scenarios: either the user’s application has not been updated to the latest version, or the song has been removed from the platform due to licensing issues. It’s worth noting that Spotify routinely updates its platform to enhance user experience, and occasionally, songs may be removed from the library due to licensing agreements expiring or being canceled.

In this section, I will share with you the method I personally use to address this issue and effectively resolve it.

1. Update Spotify App

For Andriod

Step 01: Open the Play Store on your Android phone.

spotify this content is not available andriod step 01

Step 02: Go to the search bar and type Spotify.

spotify this content is not available andriod step 02

Step 03: Hit the search button.

spotify this content is not available andriod step 03

Step 04: Now tap on the Spotify app and then tap on the blue color update button.

spotify this content is not available andriod step 04

For iPhone

Step 01: Open the app store on your iPhone.

spotify this content is not available iPhone

Step 02: Tap on your profile icon on the right side of your iPhone screen.

spotify this content is not available iPhone step 01

Step 04: Now you will see a complete list of apps that need updating.

Step 05: Scroll down and find Spotify.

Step 06: Then, Tap on the “Update” button.

spotify this content is not available iPhone step 03

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For Desktop

Step 01: First, Open the Spotify application on your desktop.

Step 02: Tap on the top right corner of your profile icon.

this content is not available spotify pc step 01

Step 02: A drop-down menu will appear on your desktop screen. Select “Update Spotify now,” and after clicking on it, your screen will redirect you to the home page. Then, open the Spotify application, and you will now be using the updated Spotify app.

this content is not available spotify pc step 02

2. Turn off unplayable songs

Spotify’s music library is constantly evolving, with new tracks being added and some being removed due to licensing issues. When songs are removed from Spotify’s catalog, they become unplayable for users who have those tracks in their playlists or libraries. While Spotify does not provide an option to stream these unplayable songs, it does allow users to hide or turn off the display of these grayed-out tracks. By doing so, users can clean up their libraries and playlists, removing the clutter caused by unplayable songs and improving their overall listening experience. Whether you find the presence of unplayable songs distracting or simply prefer a more organized library, turning off this option can help streamline your Spotify interface.

So, Let’s start with how to turn off unplayable songs on Spotify step-by-step.

Step 01: Open the Spotify application.

Step 02: Tap the setting icon (⚙️) in the top right corner.

Turn off unplayable songs

Step 03: Scroll down and go to the “Playback” section.

Turn off unplayable songs step 01

Step 04: Scroll down and find the “Show unplayable Song” option in the playback section.

Step 05: Finally, tap the toggle to turn it off.

Turn off unplayable songs step 02

FAQs(Frequently Asked Question)

Why is Spotify content not available in my region?

Spotify’s content availability varies across regions due to licensing agreements with record labels and publishers. These agreements restrict certain music or podcasts from being streamed in specific countries or regions.

How can I bypass region restrictions on Spotify?

One way to bypass region restrictions on Spotify is by using a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN can mask your IP address and make it appear as if you’re accessing Spotify from a different location where the content is available.

Why does Spotify say “Can’t play this content”?

Spotify may display a “Can’t play this content” error for several reasons, including licensing issues, region restrictions, problems with your internet connection, or issues with the Spotify app itself.

How do I fix the “This song is not available” error on Spotify?

To fix the “This song is not available” error, you can try updating the Spotify app, reinstalling it, checking for region restrictions or license expirations, or using a VPN to bypass regional limitations.

Why does Spotify remove or gray out certain songs?

Spotify may remove or gray out certain songs if the licensing agreements with the rights holders have expired or if the songs are no longer available for streaming in your region.

How can I check if a song is available in my region on Spotify?

You can use third-party websites or tools that allow you to check the availability of a specific song or album on Spotify by entering its Spotify URI (Unique Resource Identifier). These tools can show you a map of the regions where the content is available.

Final Thoughts

Spotify’s content availability is restricted by licensing agreements and regions. When songs or podcasts are grayed out or show “this content is not available on Spotify”, it’s usually due to licensing expiration or regional limitations. While updating the app, reinstalling, and checking restrictions can sometimes fix the issue, using a VPN is the best way to bypass regional restrictions. However, accessing unavailable content may violate Spotify’s terms of use. Users can check song availability by region using third-party URI checkers, but there is no legitimate way to stream restricted content.

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