Spotify vs Deezer: Which is Better For You in 2024?

Music is awesome! It makes us feel happy, sad, excited, or calm. Two really cool ways to listen to music are Spotify and Deezer. They are both websites and apps that let you stream tons of songs and albums from different artists.

Spotify is one of the most popular music streaming services. It has a huge library with millions of songs from all kinds of genres like pop, rock, hip-hop, and more. You can make your own playlists, listen to playlists made by others, and even download songs to listen to offline.

Deezer is another music streaming service that works similarly to Spotify. It also has a massive collection of songs from various artists and genres. One cool thing about Deezer is that it offers higher quality audio streaming, which means the music might sound even better than on Spotify.

Let’s dive into this article and explore more about Spotify vs Deezer!

Spotify vs Deezer

Free versions

Spotify and Deezer both offer free versions you can use without paying. The free versions let you listen to music, but there are some limits.

With Spotify’s free version, you’ll hear ads every few songs. On mobile devices like phones, you can’t pick specific songs or albums. The songs play on shuffle mode. But on a computer, you can pick any song, album, or playlist.

Deezer’s free version also has ads, but you can pick specific songs, albums, and playlists on any device. However, you can only skip 5 songs per hour.

The sound quality on the free versions is slightly lower than the paid premium versions. But it still sounds pretty good.

Social Features

Spotify and Deezer both allow you to connect with your friends and see the music they are listening to. These are called social features.

On Spotify, you can find your friends and follow them. When you follow a friend, you can see the playlists they create and the songs, albums, and podcasts they are listening to. Spotify will also recommend music to you based on what your friends like.

You can share playlists and songs directly with your friends on Spotify. There is also a messaging feature to chat about music. Spotify lets you follow your favorite artists too, so you’ll know when they release new music.

Deezer has similar social features, but they aren’t quite as robust as Spotify’s. You can add friends, see what they listen to, and share playlists and songs. However, Deezer doesn’t let you directly message friends about music.

The social integration helps you find cool new songs, albums and playlists based on what people you know are listening to. It adds a fun, community experience to the music streaming services.

Offline Listening

Spotify and Deezer allow you to download songs, albums, and playlists to your phone or tablet. This is called offline listening. It lets you save music to listen to when you don’t have an internet connection.

With Spotify, if you have a Premium subscription, you can download playlists, albums, and podcasts for offline playback. You can download on multiple devices like your phone, tablet, and computer.

Spotify makes it easy to see what you’ve downloaded and how much storage space the downloads are using. You can choose to download just your favorite playlists and albums over Wi-Fi to save data.

Deezer also allows downloading for offline listening if you have a Premium or HiFi subscription. Like Spotify, you can save albums, playlists, and podcasts to your devices for listening without internet.

However, Deezer doesn’t provide as much control over your downloads compared to Spotify. It’s harder to see what you’ve downloaded and manage your storage.


On Spotify, when a song is playing, you can simply tap the “Lyrics” button to have the full lyrics pop up on your screen. As the song plays, the lyrics will automatically scroll and highlight each line.

This makes it super easy to follow along with the lyrics in real-time, kind of like a karaoke experience. You don’t have to try to read ahead or scroll yourself.

Deezer also shows song lyrics, but the experience isn’t quite as smooth. The lyrics appear stationary on the screen and don’t scroll with the music automatically. You have to scroll/swipe through the lyrics yourself as the song progresses.

So while both music apps provide lyrics, Spotify’s version is more user-friendly and fun. The automatic scrolling and line highlighting helps you effortlessly follow the lyrics as you listen.

Whether you want to learn all the words to your favorite songs or just sing along better, having the lyrics on the screen makes it much easier. Spotify’s lyric feature is particularly great for this.

Spotify vs Deezer: User Interface

The user interface is how the app is laid out and how easy it is to use. Spotify and Deezer have different interfaces.

Spotify’s app has a very clean and simple design. All the different sections like Home, Search, Your Library are neatly organized at the top. It’s easy to find exactly what you want like playlists, albums, podcasts or settings.

The colors are nice and bright, but not too overwhelming. Everything is well-spaced out and not cluttered. Even younger kids can navigate Spotify’s app easily.

Deezer’s interface is a bit more complicated and busy. There are lots of different menus, tabs and options crammed together. It can feel a little messy and disorganized.

Some of the sections in Deezer’s app, like the player controls, take up too much space. Other important things are tucked away in sub-menus.

While Deezer works fine, you have to spend more time figuring out where everything is located. Spotify’s interface is much more straightforward and user-friendly.

With Spotify, pretty much anything you want to do is clearly labeled and easy to access with just a few taps. Deezer’s layout isn’t as intuitive, especially for new users.

So if you value a clean, simple app design that’s easy to navigate, Spotify is the better choice over Deezer’s cluttered interface.

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FAQs About Spotify vs Deezer

A: Yes, Deezer offers higher quality audio streaming with its HiFi plan compared to Spotify’s default quality.

A: Deezer’s key advantage is its HiFi lossless audio quality for audiophiles who want the best sound reproduction.

A: Yes, while smaller than Spotify, Deezer still has millions of users worldwide who prefer its HiFi audio quality.

A: The artist with the most monthly Spotify listeners globally is currently Bad Bunny.

A: Deezer’s premium HiFi plan is $14.99/month because it provides lossless FLAC audio streaming at a higher bitrate.

Final Words

For most casual music listeners, Spotify is the better overall choice in 2024. It offers an enormous music library, excellent recommendations, user-friendly design, solid audio quality, and tons of features – all at a reasonable $9.99 per month price.
However, audiophiles and music enthusiasts who really care about audio fidelity may prefer to pay extra for Deezer’s HiFi plan at $14.99 per month. It provides lossless, CD-quality streaming for the absolute best audio experience.
While Deezer pioneered high-fidelity music streaming, Spotify has closed the gap in recent years with improvements to its audio codec and bitrates. But Deezer still claims to provide a noticeably superior listening experience for those with the right equipment.
Ultimately, the choice comes down to priorities. Spotify wins for convenience, value, and an all-around great experience for most. But for pure audio quality, Deezer’s HiFi tier gets the edge, albeit at a premium price point.
No matter which you choose, both Spotify and Deezer provide excellent ways to access a world of music and discover new artists. As long as you’re listening to the music you love, you’ve made a good choice!

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