The 7 Best Podcasts for Kids You Can’t Miss

The golden age of podcasts it is not limited to adult programming: There are also many children’s podcasts for the little ones. Inevitably, they lean towards the healthier end of the spectrum, so don’t expect a true crime show defined by long and complex investigations.

But you can expect a lot of fun, light, short podcasts focused on stories and storytelling, but by no means on them.

In a nutshell, The selection of podcasts for kids has never been better. These podcasts spark imaginations, teach new ideas, and make kids laugh by spitting apple juice through their noses.

They are perfect for outings, dinners or just relaxing, and some even for sleeping, especially when paired with the best children’s books. Here you will find mysteries and comedies, fairy tales and scientific expeditions. Above all, we guarantee that you will find something amazing.

strawberry fairy

The Strawberry Fairy is a YouTube podcast that focuses on a gentle fictional character who goes by the same name. The story of this tender podcast is as interesting and tender as the content that develops within it.

Creator of the Strawberry Fairy, Eva Labella informed about it. that this channel was born as a result of thinking about interesting ways to educate and entertain his young daughter. These videos were a hit with his daughter, so he thought it might be a good idea to share the fun content with others.

After being encouraged to continuously upload content to the YouTube platform, he had nothing but positive response from the public.

The Strawberry Fairy quickly became the favorite podcast of thousands of children from Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries.and that’s because of the interesting way they develop classic children’s stories.

The strawberry fairy has undoubtedly won the hearts of parents and children because of her unique and friendly way narrates, entertains and at the same time teaches new topics for the little ones. That’s why it couldn’t be missing from this special list of the best podcasts for the little ones in the house.

Little Baby Bum: Time to Dream

For some young children, bedtime can be a time when they feel rejected because they want to keep playing for hours and hours. However, with the Little Baby Bum: Time to Dream podcast, that problem will be a thing of the past. This children’s program is specially designed before bedtime for children aged 1-3 years.

This gentle podcast managed to adapt popular stories into shorter stories, so that the children can sleep in a few minutes. The stories in the voice of Ana Esther Alborg become especially relaxing and soothing for the little ones.

Moreover, they are usually brief, sa length approx. 25 minutes, but in these few minutes they manage to take the children to the world of fantasy and prepare them for sleep.

This podcast is exclusive to the Amazon Audible platform and has 13 episodes in its first season. Among which stand out topics such as Cat and Violin, Little Star where are you?, Marie has a lamb and many other funny stories.

I want to tell you today

Hosted by Anya Domirón, Dominican, this podcast is a unique program of its kind, as it focuses on creating a pleasant environment using professional sound editing. In addition, they try to choose stories that will delight young listeners and provide them with a safe place.

Each episode of this podcast is approximately 10 minutes long. Domirón usually tells short but significant stories. The host always tries to leave a lesson with a purpose at the end of each story to inculcate values ​​and life lessons important in the minds of children and enrich their minds.

It is essential that children feel safe and comfortable when listening to this podcast, and that’s exactly what is achieved through the careful selection of stories and professional audio editing. Young listeners can enjoy these stories and learn from them at the same time.

PODcast hosted by Anya Domirón It is a great choice for parents looking for a safe place for their children to have fun and learn. Each story is significant and leaves an important lesson that helps enrich children’s minds.

Hi Jake!

Hi Jake! This is a podcast focuses on children’s curiosity and learning. It is an excellent choice for those parents who want to encourage curiosity and learning in their children in a fun and entertaining way.

Jake’s Narrative 9-year-old boy, is a powerful tool for children to identify with him and his way of speaking. Including a bot named Berny is a great way to engage children in the conversation and make them feel part of the podcast.

Every episode of Hey Jake! It’s an adventure in itself., because every topic is dealt with in an interesting and entertaining way. The topics are varied and range from the moon to dinosaurs, including Christmas and safe internet browsing.

Each episode is full of interesting facts and clear, simple explanations that are easy for children to understand. In addition, each topic is approached in a way that encourages curiosity and continuous learning.

The Apple Podcasts platform is a great way to access all episodes of Hey Jake! easy and fast. A 3.8 rating on the platform is a good indicator that the podcast is well received by children and their parents.

Additionally, the platform allows parents to download episodes so their children can listen to them anytime, anywhere.

Hi Jake! is an excellent podcast for parents who want to encourage curiosity and learning in their children in a fun and entertaining way. With Jake’s narration and the inclusion of Berny the robot, kids feel a part of the podcast and engage in the conversation.

The variety of topics and the way they are approached makes each episode an adventure in itself. The Apple Podcasts platform is a great way to access all episodes quickly and easily. In short, hello Jake! It is an excellent choice for inquisitive and inquisitive children who are never satisfied with simple answers.

Charm Words Spanish: Daily Affirmations for Kids

It’s not just about funny stories and fantastic adventures, because sometimes even children are victims of negative feelings. Charm Words Español podcast was created for this serious matter, whose the purpose is to build the self-esteem of the little ones.

They also try to provide advice to children to help them deal with problems caused by emotional stress.

The affirmations provided by Charm Words Spanish are medically reviewed and approved. In addition, it can be used as a resource in classrooms to introduce children to meditation and knowing their emotions.

Through the tools provided in each episode, you will be able to face negative thoughts and develop resilience. Like the previous podcast, it is available on Apple Podcast with a current rating of 4.6 stars.

This is a great podcast that I recommend to all moms and dads out there!

Incredible stories

Supporting children’s creativity is a fundamental task for their cognitive and emotional development. Stories are an excellent tool for stimulating the imagination of the little ones. For this reason, the podcast program “Cuentos Increíbles” has created the perfect space for it in its podcast.

With stories lasting around 10 minutes, children will be able to immerse themselves in stories full of magic and fun. The quality of this podcast is exceptional due to the appropriate use of sound effects and engaging narration that will keep children attentive and engaged with the stories..

Incredible stories too regularly updates his YouTube channel, Spotify and Apple Podcast with new weekly stories. This means that children will always have something new and exciting to listen to.

This podcast is not only entertaining but also educational. Stories can be a useful tool to teach children important values ​​and lessons in a playful and entertaining way. Moreover, by listening to stories in a safe and comfortable environment children may feel more relaxed and open to learning.

Incredible Stories is an excellent choice for parents who want to encourage their children’s creativity and imagination in a safe and educational environment.

With a wide range of stories available on different platformsThis podcast is a valuable tool for any family looking for a fun and enriching activity for their children.

can you read me a story

It is a podcast produced by the prestigious publishing house Hola Monstruo, designed as an alternative to typical existing stories. In each episode, Mariela, Alexandra and Israel recommend books, films and illustrated albums, read stories and create an ideal environment for the whole family.

The podcast is very entertaining and at the same time educational for children at home, because they will be able to listen to entertaining stories that encourage the development of ideas and imagination in their minds.

The program “Will you read me a story?” offers long, non-stop entertainment with more than 80 episodes with interesting and useful topics. Children can enjoy classic and modern stories, from adventure stories to fairy tales, and learn important values ​​such as respect, friendship and empathy.

Narrators use clear and simple language, which allows children to easily understand the stories.

The podcast uses professional audio techniques to enhance the listening experience for children. Background music and sound effects create a magical and exciting atmosphere that will keep children’s attention on the story.

Except, The program is completely in Spanish, which is a great opportunity for children to improve their listening and vocabulary in Spanish.

Episodes from They can be found on the Apple Podcast platform and also on Spotify. Parents can download episodes for kids to listen to anytime, anywhere. They can also use the podcast as an educational tool by discussing the themes and values ​​in the stories with their children after listening to each episode.

It’s a great choice for parents looking for a fun and educational way to encourage their children’s imagination or creativity.

The podcast offers a a wide variety of stories and interesting topics presented in a professional and entertaining way. Children can improve their Spanish comprehension and vocabulary while having fun listening to exciting stories and learning important values.

Definitely, It is a valuable tool for families looking for enriching activities for their children.

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